I’m Worried

I don’t care what Jorge Posada says, but his shoulder really worries me.  It may be described as "minor soreness" and the Yankees are only being smart by shutting him down for a couple of days, but the fact remains that Posada is a huge question mark hanging over the season. 

The Yankees have done nothing to prepare in the event that Posada cannot catch this season.  Molina is the backup and his .576 OPS last season cost the Yankees a couple of wins.  That wasn’t a huge deal in 2008 as that Yankee team finished six games out of a playoff spot.  But, the 2009 Yankees clearly are built to make the playoffs and with Boston and Tampa in the division, every win is vital.  

You can talk up Austin Romine and Jesus Montero all you want, but neither one of them will be showing up in the Bronx until 2011 at the earliest.  Francisco Cervelli has 73 AB’s above A ball, Kevin Cash can’t hit a lick. If Posada can’t catch this season the Yankees are royally screwed.  Brian Cashman has about a month to find some sort of insurance and I can only hope he acts.  Leaving this position as is could destroy the entire season.