A Character Witness?

I am trying to figure out why Joel Sherman spoke to David Segui about A-Rod and steroids.  Now Sherman is a wonderful reporter so I imagine he called a ton of people to talk about A-Rod and only Segui was willing to go on the record, but his headline "EX-MATE SEGUI: ALEX ‘ROIDLESS IN SEATTLE" is laughable. 

After all, David Segui was all over the Mitchell Report, so he is hardly someone who has a lot of credibility on this issue.  Maybe some people will look at this and say that since Segui cheated he would know if A-Rod had as well, but I am not buying it.  

The problem is it is now Saturday and the stories are still being written.  A-Rod has been linked to a trainer who has a very bad reputation and his mystery cousin has been found, but won’t talk.  We have also learned that "boli" was illegal without a prescription in the Dominican Republic when Alex was taking it.  I keep trying to figure out how this goes away and for the life of me I can’t see it- at least until the season starts.  Once the Yankees start playing A-Rod can make this go away by repeating his April of 2007.  But that is still a long way away and the Yankees don’t want this hanging over them for the next month.

They will get a break when Alex heads to the WBC and the story follows him to wherever the Dominican Team is training.  (On a side note, David Ortiz is going to have some fun times when all the reporters ask him about his stance on steroids and how it applies to his WBC teammate A-Rod.  I totally agree with what Ortiz said, I just hope he realizes what is going to happen in a week.)  But that break is only temporary and there is a bigger problem hanging over them- April 14th 2009.

That’s when Selena Roberts’, the person who broke the original story, book comes out.  The title is "The Many Lives of Alex Rodriguez" so you can expect that it won’t be a tribute to him.  I have to hope that A-Rod was smart enough (or his PR firm was) to realize he needed to be 100% sure that the story he gave about using steroids only from 2001-2003 and never using other PED’s could not be questioned, but with Alex you just don’t know.  If Roberts has something new or one of the many reporters all over this story find something new, Alex is in big trouble.  We are a peculiar nation in that we seem to enjoy seeing the rich and powerful humbled and Alex certainly fits those categories.  The Germans call it schdenfreude and we have a big case of it.  With the suffering over the economy only going up, people will really enjoy seeing the richest man in baseball getting his ass handed to him.  The bullseye is on A-Rod’s back, can he survive?