Why Is It Just Baseball?

As we await the A-Rod circus today I want to know how come all the other sports get a pass on PED’s?  Granted, nobody of A-Rod’s stature has been caught using these things, but as this story shows, the NFL isn’t clean in all of this. 

I guess it really is the level of the users.  Baseball has some of its biggest home run hitters getting busted while the NFL has mostly defensive players like Larry Izzo.  I am not saying I want to open the paper tomorrow and read that Peyton Manning bought PED’s, but I would like some balance from the media.  I would guess that this problem also extends to basketball, hockey, tennis, golf, etc., why wouldn’t it?  But, for now baseball is going to take the beating for all of it.  End of rant and I will be back after today’s festivities with a reaction.