Here Comes The Sun

It’s here!  Our long wait is over, we have baseball back again and not a moment too soon.  Pitchers and catchers are down in Tampa and starting their first workouts.  For the Yankees there are a number of things to watch, but the biggest thing on my mind is a number- 110.

That’s the maximum number of games that Joe Girardi says Jorge Posada will catch this year for the Yankees.  (This of course assumes that Posada’s shoulder is healthy.) That means we have at least 52 games of Jose Molina to look forward to and over 200 AB’s. 

That is simply too much Molina and it is going to cost the Yankees.  I have said it before, but now that we know Girardi’s plans it becomes even more vital, the Yankees have to get a better backup.  Brian Cashman is making a huge mistake here by leaving this position so vulnerable.

In other news, Bobby Abreu signed for $5 miilion with the Angels, a good deal for them.  And there are still quite a few free agents out there.  Sooner or later these guys are going to go somewhere, the only question is when.  I hope the Yankees are keeping their eyes on them, because there is a lot of talent on those lists. 

Anyway, enjoy the first day of spring!