In the Fold?

UPDATE:  Heyman/Boras is now saying the a two-year deal has been agreed to.  Good.  Now let’s trade for Varitek’s eventual replacement and get to playing some baseball.

The Globe’s Tony Massarotti has it as a 1-year deal for $5mm and team option for a 1-year, $5mm or a player option for 1-year, $3mm.  Plus incentives for games played starting at 80 games for the 2nd year.  The incentives total $2mm.

Michael Silverman of the Boston Herald just confirmed the parameters of the deal (same as Massarotti’s).


Scott Boras, er…I mean, Jon Heyman is reporting on that the Red Sox and Jason Varitek are on the verge of a 2-year deal.  To quote "Jason Varitek is on the verge of agreeing to a two-year deal with Boston."

I can see him now.

Theo: "Jason, so what do you think?"

Varitek: "I’m thinking about it.  I’m on the verge, but not quite there yet."

Theo: "Well are you like, say, 90% there or are we going to be here for a while?"

Varitek: "No, ‘on the verge’ means like 99%, I just like to make a grand entrance with these sorts of things and want to time it perfectly…"

Anyway, Heyman and Boras have never been seen in the same room, right?