Bad News And A Bit Of Good News

Let’s start with a happy note, Robinson Cano is in shape and ready to play the season.  As Kat O’Brien notes in this piece, Cano was not in shape at the start of the season last year.  Getting a good year from Robbie is vital to the Yankees’ chances in 2009. 

Now on to the bad news and it is pretty bad.  Joe Torre’s tell-all book is coming out and it sounds like it is going to spill a lot of dirt.  It is hard to judge the book until it is actually released, but hearing that A-Rod was referred to as "A-Fraud" by his teammates is not going to help the 2009 Yankees.  A-Rod is obiviously delicate and I would imagine a million questions about his relationship with his teammates and former manager will put him on a bad path at the start of the season.  Hopefully, Torre focuses most of his ire against management, but the A-Rod stuff is damaging enough. 

What I wonder is why Joe felt the need to do this?  By leaving the way he did and refusing to take shots at George, he proved he was the bigger man.  Now, it sounds like he is going to stoop to George’s level and that’s a shame.  I can’t blame him for wanting to lash out, I just wish he hadn’t.