A Guest Blogger

A frequent commenter, BL is also a Red Sox fan who has relocated down to Atlanta.  He asked if he could post about the Hall Of Fame and we were more than happy to let him.  Thanks BL!

In December, Greg Maddux formally announced his retirement from baseball.  Everybody agrees he was amazing for so long and that his record speaks volumes and will be a first ballot HOFer.  No new news there.  What I want to discuss is should he be the first ever 100% unanimously elected player into the Hall.

What you say?  Nobody has ever received 100% of the voters’ votes?  How can that be?

Babe Ruth?
Hank Aaron?
Lou Gehrig?
Ty Cobb?
Tom Seaver?
Honus Wagner?
Ted Williams?
Willie Mays?

Obviously arguments, strong arguments, could be made that these and other players should be no-brainers in getting 100% votes when they get in.

The upcoming election, in 5 years, for Greg Maddux should be the next test on whether anybody could claim 100% of the votes going in.  Not Bonds in 4 years (assuming he is done), not Sosa, not Glavine, Clemens or Smoltz.  Maddux is the golden goose for Hall of Fame voting.  Was he better or more deserving than Seaver, or any of the greatest pitchers already in the Hall?  Arguments can be made for both sides.  That isn’t what the voting should be about. 

It should not be, “Seaver, Ryan, Carlton, Feller…none of those guys got 100% so I won’t vote for Maddux to preserve their place in history”.

History is that, history.  Sometimes in history mistakes have been made.  The current and future should not repeat historical mistakes, that is why people study history. 

Bold Statement alert:  Any voters that don’t vote for Greg Maddux in 5 years should absolutely have their voting rights removed forever!

To reiterate, Greg Maddux isn’t the best pitcher ever, he is one of the best ever though.  The facts that nobody has ever gained entrance with 100% votes SHOULD not matter in this particular vote.

I had the pleasure of being in Atlanta during Maddux’s entire run through here.  I have a great reference to great pitching having been in Boston during Clemens’ run through Beantown.  I have seen two of the greats first hand, live and on tv, many many times and am biased by having them pitch for my hometown teams in their primes.  Clemens will have issues getting in first ballot (see McGuire/Bonds) but with Maddux nobody will argue he gets in first ballot.  In 5 years if he doesn’t get 100% of the votes, a congressional committee should be formed to investigate.  Seems they have time for baseball issues anyway, just add it to the docket.