This is probably old news to most of you by now, but via said the Red Sox tried to re-acquire Florida Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez.

Ramirez has obviously proven to be a tremendous chip to give up in acquiring Josh Beckett and given the Red Sox desire to boost the offense, he’d be an amazing addition.

Disclaimer:  When the Beckett deal was made, I was not that high on Hanley Ramirez and wondered in a post or 2 just what was it people saw in him.  His OBP in the minors wasn’t great and he certainly had documented attitude issues.  Fortunately for me, those posts have yet to be brought back on-line since we switched providers.

That said, Ramirez has been an offensive force hitting for average, power, getting on base and stealing.  What is most amazing to me is that he walked 92 times in 2008.  That’s 36 more times than at any other level of baseball.  His .400 OBP was 10th best in baseball last year.

While didn’t talk about specific offers, they did suggest that "Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz were among those mentioned in a potential package for Ramirez."

While having to trade to get Hanley back would be painful, he certainly would be an offensive upgrade whether he played SS or was moved to CF.  SI reports the talks for Ramirez actually happened a few weeks prior to Teixeira moving to New York.

My take?  Given Ramirez’s performance so far and the fact he just signed a 6-year, $70mm deal, I would go pick up Ellsbury and Buchholz and drive them to the Marlins front door.  My guess is that the Red Sox were ok dealing those 2 guys, but balked when the Marlins, and rightfully so, asked for more.

SI says there is little chance the deal gets revisited.