55-45 Against

Those are the odds against the Yankees signing Andy Pettitte according to a story in today’s Daliy News

I go back and forth on this one.  On one hand, I look at the Yankees rotation and other than Sabathia and Wang who else do you think will pitch 200 innings?  (Sorry, I just don’t think you can be positive Burnett will.)  Pettitte provides that at a decent ERA.  But, you also have to look at his second half (13 starts 5.35 ERA) and wonder if he has that ability in him.  And, for $10 million, couldn’t you find a cheaper alternative?

Ultimately, I think this decision rests on Phil Hughes.  The Yankees need to see what they can get out of Hughes and signing Pettitte puts him back in AAA.  Now, I would not go into 2009 without some sort of veteran backup, but I would do so by going the minor league contract route and signing a cheap veteran.  You can then take some of that $10 million and use it towards a real bench which the Yankees need to address next.