The Beltran Factor

Nice piece by Joel Sherman where he talks about how the Yankees learned from passing on signing Carlos Beltran in 2004-05 offseason.  That was the year they added RJ, Pavano and Wright to the rotation, but decided against Beltran because Bernie Williams was making a huge salary. (Wow, can you imagine if Cashman could have a mulligan for that offseason?) 

If you look at the free agent class after 2009, there simply aren’t any impact bats out there.  (Sorry, Matt Holiday’s splits away from Coors dq him)  If the Yankees had passed on Teixeira, they would have had to trade for a bat and that isn’t always easy.  Plus, Damon, Matsui and Nady are free agents after this upcoming season as well and the Yankees probably won’t want to sign any of them. 

So, the Yankees grabbed an impact bat while they could and that is a smart thing.