Presents Under The Tree

What’s that under the tree?  Is it a firstbaseman?  It sure sounds like it and the Yankees just improved their team by leaps and bounds.

By signing Teixeira, the Yankees now have a firstbaseman who can hit AND play defense, a stark departure from the Giambi years.  Yes, the contract is long (8 years) but Teixeira will be 36 when it is done, by no means an old player.  In short, this is a fantastic move for the Yankees.

Kudos to Brian Cashman who is truly "the silent assassin" for the way he jumps in and makes moves, this was a masterful one.  Now, it will be interesting to see what the Yankees do next.

First, do they keep their offer to Pettitte?  I wouldn’t at this point, let’s leave that spot open to Huges, Kennedy and Aceves.

Next, is Gardner the starter in center?  I would assume so and with Tex in the fold, I say why not?

And, you now have Nick Swisher and Xavier Nady to play right, which one do you trade?  (I say Nady)

For now think about this:



Teixeira- 1B

A-Rod- 3B

Cano- 2B

Posada- C

Swisher/Nady- RF