Decision Due? wording is now:  "…reached an agreement in pricincple…"  

DOUBLE UPDATE:  Heyman now says the Yankees are on the verge of signing Teixeira.  He makes it sound like a virtual done deal.  8 years, $180mm with a FULL no-trade clause.  ESPN is reporting it too now, although nothing official.

UPDATE:  Jon Heyman at SI says the Yankees have entered the fray and are in deep discussions.  This could be Scott Boras using Heyman as a puppet or they are really going to make a push and commit over $400mm over the next 8 season on 3 players.  If indeed the Yankees are in the mix, a decision today would seem less likely.

Word is out that Mark Teixeira and Scott Boras will bless us all with their decision today.  Apparently it is between the Red Sox and the Nationals.

My take:  If the Red Sox land him, great, he is a welcome addition to the line-up, especially with the health of David Ortiz and Mike Lowell in question.  If he signs with the Nats, then the Red Sox probably dodged a bullet as why would anyone want to play for the Nationals?  I’m not knocking the city or the people there, just the fact that, at least in the short term, the are not going to be competitive.

If a player takes 3% or 4% more money and does care about the team, that says a bit about that player.

We shall see.