Can Someone Turn On The Stove?

Yes, the turkey was delicious and it is always great to spend Thanksgiving with friends and family, but I have to admit my mind turned to baseball quite often this weekend.  I sat and wondered exactly what does CC want if $140 million isn’t enough and should we take his silence as a polite hint to move on?  I wondered if Phil Hughes’ impressive Arizona performance should lead us to pencil him in the rotation for 2009.  I wondered when the hot stove is finally going to yield some news.

It seems like we have a giant game of chicken right now.  CC and Tex and the top players available and everyone is waiting for them to sign.  When that happens, other things should fall quickly into place.  It is just a matter of that happening.  One thing that will occur tomorrow and may get things moving a bit is the arbitration deadline.  Teams have to decide if they are going to offer arbitration to players.  If they don’t they won’t get draft picks as compensation when those players sign with other teams.  So, I imagine some teams are waiting out that deadline and might make some moves soon.  (On a side note, the Yankees should offer arbitration to Mike Mussina.  I know that he is retired, but remember what happened with Roger Clemens and the Yankees didn’t get any compensation because they didn’t offer him arbitration assuming he was truly retired.)  

Whatever happens, let’s hope for some news soon, this is way too boring!