What Would We Do With Willie McGee

Ahh, Lou Gorman.  Indeed what would we do with Willie McGee?  I mean,  having talent on the team is only good if that talent has a position, right?  Wrong.

Please forgive Lou, he made that quote when baseball was simpler than it is today.  And there was certainly less media/fan scrutiny back then given there wasn’t an internet.

I mention Gorman’s comment because the Red Sox are rumored to be heavy in the the Mark Teixeira sweepstakes.  That’s a good thing, right Lou?  With Mike Lowell the expected everyday third baseman next year, Kevin Youkilis the everyday first baseman and David Ortiz the DH.  Just what would we do with Mark Teixeira?

I’ll tell you what you’d do with Mark Teixeira, you’d play him everyday, that’s what you’d do.  I believe given cost and upside potential, Mike Lowell would be the casualty in this scenario.  I don’t think there is any chance he accepts a diminished role as he does have another chance at a contract after the 2010 season.

The biggest question with Lowell is how much longer he wants to play and does he want to play for a good team?  If the Red Sox were able to sign Teixeira, Youkilis would move back to 3rd.  If Lowell where willing to learn the first base position, he could be the primary back-up at the corners and DH.  Youkilis missed 17 games in 2008, Ortiz 53 and Teixeira missed 5.  That would have been 70 starts right there for Lowell.  Mix in a few scheduled off-days and maybe that’s 80 starts.

But let’s be serious, if the Red Sox sign Teixeira, Lowell is most 95% likely a goner.  Great teammate, good player but just not as good as Mark Teixeira and he probably doesn’t consider himself a back-up at this point.

Teixeira would give Boston a gold-glove fielder, a superior bat in the line-up and a switch-hitter to boot.  He is a fantastic player and reportedly just as good a person.  Boston will have to empty the bank to get him which is interesting as the Red Sox just finally removed themselves from one of, if not the longest contracts they ever offered in Manny Ramirez’s deal.

Let’s set our APBA line-up, shall we, assuming a Teixeira signing:

cf – Ellsbury 

2b – Pedroia

dh – Ortiz

1b – Teixeira

3b – Youkilis

lf – Bay

rf – Drew

c – Fisk or Bench

ss – Lowrie

Obviously a Teixeira acquisition adds depth to this line-up.  With Ortiz, Teixeira, Youkilis, Bay and Drew, you’d have 5 guys that can flirt with a .400 OBP.  That would be very tough on opposing pitching and would make for some very long games.

So while we try to garner excitement on the happenings with the Red Sox, Yankees and baseball in general on this site, the fact is, nothing is happening right now.  NOTHING.  This off-season has produced 1, 2, maybe 3 official signings?  I can only name the Jeremy Affeldt signing off the top of my head.  It’s been very boring in fact.

With Teixeira saying he’d like to get something done before Christmas and CC Sabathia saying he’ll take his time, things aren’t likely to change any time soon.  Snore.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone.