Varitek and Tazawa

WEEI – 850 AM in Boston has redone their website and now has blogs covering the local sports teams.  On one of those blogs, Rob Bradford, formerly of the Boston Herald, reports that the Red Sox have made an initial offer to Jason Varitek for 1 year at an undisclosed amount of money.

Bradford does not mention when this offer was made.

Of course if this is true it could mean any number of things.  1.)  Perhaps there is no market for JV if the Red Sox think this is a good starting point.  2.)  If Scott Boras really thinks JV deserves Jorge Posada type money (heck, Posada doesn’t deserve Posada type money), then it is clear Varitek won’t be re-signing with Boston.  The possibilities go on.

Another piece of news from has links to reports tat the Red Sox winning the bidding war for Japanese pitcher Junichi Tazawa.  MLBTR also reports on the Varitek story.  I haven’t a clue if Tazawa is/will be worth the attention.