A Much Better Plan

The papers today contained all sorts of stories that warmed my heart.  The best pieces of news?  First, the Yankees are not going to give A.J. Burnett a five-year deal (let’s hope they stick to that) and second, the Yankees might bid for Mark Teixeira.

I have said before that I think the pitching market adds up to CC and everyone else.  If you get CC you add a great pitcher to your staff and it is stupid to overspend to add Burnett or Lowe at that point.  Besides, how much more do they offer you than  Andy Pettitte who you can bring back for less and on a one-year deal?  If you don’t get Sabathia, making a panic move and throwing boatloads of money at Burnett and Lowe just prevents you from moves down the road.  The Yankees have to be very careful and I would prefer they just try and get CC and leave it at that.  A rotation of Sabathia, Wang, Joba, Pettitte and Hughes isn’t too shabby.  

And that brings us to Mark Teixeira, who is the best bat on the market.  The Yankees are losing two big pieces of their offense with Abreu and Giambi almost certainly gone.  You can expect a better year from Cano and probably expect better production from the catcher spot.  (Though you have to remember Posada is coming off of surgery and is a risk).  Pretty much everyone else in the lineup is beyond their prime years except for A-Rod and that means they are more and more unlikely to repeat their 2008 #’s.  The Yankees scored 789 runs last year and will struggle to do so again without some upgrades to the offense.  Mark Teixeira is that upgrade and if they somehow walked away with him and Sabathia this offseason, they would have done an excellent job.