Free Agency Declaration – “I’m Free” Says Varitek

The Boston Globe is reporting that Jason Varitek has filed for free agency.  No surprise of course, his contract is up after all.  Joining him on the Red Sox are Alex Cora and David Ross.

Rumor, yes the kind of rumor that Peter said to ignore 95% of the time, suggest Varitek’s agent Scott Boras is shopping his client to the Detroit Tigers in an attempt to get a multi-year deal.

The bet here is that the Red Sox want Varitek back, but but for 2 years and perhaps $6mm or $7mm a year.  There is no way Boras and Varitek can, with a straight face, say that Varitek’s skill haven’t eroded.  If they are honest with themselves, they will realize that and probably take a 2 year deal with Boston.  If not, see you later Captain.

Like Peter said, with World Series over, things will start to heat up quickly.  I love this time of year.