Elias and Their Free Agents

Elias has come out with their ratings for free agents.


Alex Cora (No Rating – NR)

David Ross (NR)

Jason Varitek (Type A)

New York:

Bobby Abreu (Type A)

Chad Moeller (NR)

Sidney Ponson (NR)

Ivan Rodriguez (Type B)

Ratings explained:  When a team signs a free agent, compensation is due the team that lost the player IF they offered the player arbitration.

Compensation due team that lost player offered arbitration:

Type A – Signing Team’s First Round Pick and a Supplemental First Round Pick

Type B – Supplemental First Round Pick (behind Type A Supplemental Picks)

Type C – 1 dozen donuts, five dollars and a flower

NR – No compensation due

Of course it is good to know what Boston and New York players are rated, but you should also know what potential and actual free agents are rated.  ESPN has a good table for such a pursuit.

Hmmm, maybe Derek Lowe is too costly to sign after all.