The Hot Stove Opens (With Trivia Answer)

Thanks to the Marlins and Royals for making a trade and kicking off the hot stove.  We should start to hear about free agency filings soon and I imagine there will be some surprises.  Don’t be shocked when Mike Mussina files for free agency, it is just to keep his options open. 

The Yankees will also start making announcements on player options soon.  Expect to see them decline the options of Pavano and Giambi, the only question is what they do with Marte.  I am not sure which way they will land on that one, but I hope it is to decline it.  One of the stranger things in baseball is the fact that teams can sign free agents before teams have to offer free agents arbitration.  The GM meetings start next week so expect some action to start soon.  And, don’t believe 95% of the rumors you read, remember newspapers need to fill column inches and sell papers.

As for the trivia, the answer is from 1979-1982 the Pirates, Phillies, Dodgers and Cardinals all won titles, the last time the NL went back-to-back.  Since then, the AL has gone back-to-back (or more) four times and the 26 years since the NL has done it represents the longest gap ever by either league.

And besides setting up the NL with a chance to break that streak in 2009, the Phillies vicotry represented something else last night.  By winning their 2nd World Series, the Phillies became the last of the original 16 franchises that made up the NL and AL to win a second crown.