Baseball Dodges A Bullet

Wondering why tonight’s game was played in a monsoon?  MLB didn’t really have a choice because if they had put the tarp on the field before the Rays tied things up and it hadn’t come off again, the Phillies would have won the World Series in a rain-shortened game.  So, looking at the forecast (very bad) and looking at the field (a joke) baseball had a brutal choice and they decided to keep playing.

You can’t blame them, nobody would want to see the World Series end because of rain, but hopefully this prods MLB to change the rules.  The playoffs are too important to operate under the same set of rules as the resular season.  MLB should add a rule that playoff games can be suspended at anytime the umpires decided due to weather conditions.  The game could then be resumed as soon as possible from the point it was suspended.  Otherwise, you might see more monsoon games next October. 

UPDATE: Bud Selig just said that he would have put the game into an indefinite rain delay if the Rays had not tied things up.  So, why didn’t he do that earlier then, before the water starting accumulating on the field?