Should He Stay Or Should He Go?

Everything for the Yankees starts with the GM and we are all waiting on Brian Cashman.  The Steinbrenner Boys have asked Cashman to let them know this week if he wants to return as GM and then they will strike a deal with him.  Cashman’s answer is expected very soon.

I for one would like to see the Yankees retain Cashman.  He has done a solid job as GM and if you start at the end of 2005 (when he supposedly gained autonomy from George) his moves have been mostly good.  We can fault him for not getting Santana this year, a move which probably cost the Yankees the playoffs, but I want to wait on judging that until a few more seasons have passed. 

What is clear to anyone who has watched the Yankees this season is their need to get younger.  Even with $80 million coming off the payroll, that won’t be accomplished easily.  The position players are all older except for Cano, Cabrera and Gardner.  The top levels of the minors don’t offer much help, except for Jackson.  So, trades will have to be made.  Cashman’s departure would be very destabilizing for the organization and make the process of getting ready for 2009 much harder.  Hopefully, he chooses to return and for now we wait.