“A Wasted Year”

Leave it to Jeter to sum up the 2008 Yankees perfectly.  He is of course referring to the fact that the Yankees are missing the playoffs for the first time in his career, but it goes deeper than that.  New York entered 2008 looking to rebulid on the fly.  Young pitchers were put in the rotation with the hope that they would grow into their roles while the team competed for the division title.  It was a spectacular failure and it didn’t end with the pitchers.  If you look at all the young players on the roster, almost everyone of the them took a step back instead of forward.

Think about it, Cano came into the season as a budding superstar.  Cabrera was a decent outfield prospect.  Hughes and Kennedy were going to be rotation mainstays for the forseeable future.  Every one of them failed and badly.  Joba looked like a great starter, but now there are injury questions hanging over him.  And that is the bottom line with this season. If they missed the playoffs, but had injected a wave of youth into the team you could live with it.  But, the Yankees didn’t do that and now they have a very tricky offseason coming up.  

Step 1 is figuring out who the GM is.  Cashman says he is going to decide next week if he wants to return.  We have to hope he does because I shudder to think who will run the club if he doesn’t.  Now we wait and enjoy one last start from Sidney Ponson today.  <sigh>