What Else Can Happen?

In a way it seems fitting, considering how the year has gone, but the news that Mariano Rivera has returned to New York for a MRI on his shoulder is troubling to say the least.  Short term, it is obvious that the Yankees will shut him down for the remaining three games.  But, the problem is what if this is a long term injury?  I suppose it is pointless to speculate at this moment, we just have to hope.

Can anyone else figure out the reason FOX moved Satuday’s game onto national tv?  I guess the Red Sox might still be in contention for the division title, but short of that the game will mean absolutely nothing.  They just made the decision this week, so they had to know the game was almost certainly going to be meaningless.  I just don’t get it.

Tonight is the final night of Carl Pavano’s Yankees’ career. I guess that is something we can all celebrate.