Oh No

Josh Beckett, originally scheduled to start Friday night, has been scratched and will instead visit Dr. James Andrews ESPN is reporting.

Andrew’s name is so closely linked with Tommy John surgery that any mention of him sends chills down my spine.

Theo Epstein was quoted as saying that ‘though the numbness in Beckett’s fingers has subsided, the elbow "doesn’t fell 100 percent."

According to Francona, "I think the best word I can use is we’re just trying to get some closure.  We never want to send anyone out there that’s not 100 percent. We’re no more pessimistic about him today than we were, but when he goes out there we want him to be able to pitch with peace of mind."

Just visiting Andrews requires that the Red Sox get ready for a playoff push without Josh Beckett.  Not a good scenario by any means.

The optimist in me says that the Red Sox having been winning without Beckett’s "A" game this year and have done well in his recent absence, but the realist in me says sure the Red Sox can win without him, but the job gets much harder.

The Red Sox have piled up the injuries this year with 3 regulars currently on the DL (Lowell, Drew and Lugo) and their ace looking for answers.