Good Stuff

Thanks to blmeanie for this link.  Blmeanie gave us this site which is a hoot.  This guy does some hysterical impressions of Red Sox batters.  He actually has all teams covered and you can find them on his site.

The Youkilis impression had me struggling for breath.  Good stuff.

Oh yeah, Peter Gammons, via ESPN, is reporting that the Red Sox are working on a deal to acquire Mark Kotsay.  Kotsay is nothing special with the bat (.752 career OPS), but he does play good defense and is needed with J.D. Drew going on the DL today with a strained lower back as a result of a herniated disc (previously diagnosed).

A Kotsay deal reminds me of the Bobby Kielty signing last year.  Let’s hope he too can hit a game deciding home run in game 4 of the World Series.  By the way, Kielty never made it back to the Majors this year having struggled in the minors.

Anyway, The Fielding Bible by John Dewan, says about Kotsay, "Kotsay covers a good amount of ground in center field.  He combines good range with good reads on the ball, good routes and a strong, accurate arm.  His 18 baserunner kills over the past 3 years (2003 – 2005) is second only to Jim Edmonds in center field in that time period."

So a defensive bench player.  My question, if Coco Crisp is also good defensively (with the glove, not with the arm), what gives?  If Drew comes back is Crisp or Kotsay a goner?  Kotsay has hit better than Crisp.  But, Crisp has another year left at $5.25mm or so.

Interesting development.  Anyway, enjoy the batting stances.  Mo Vaughn was great too.  Also, glad to hear Yaz is back home after triple bypass surgery.  Be well number 8.