So Much Joy

With Jason Bay coming to the Red Sox and Manny Ramirez gone, we can now rid ourselves of the headache that was Manny Ramirez.  I don’t know much about Bay as a person, but this whole thing is addition by subtraction in some sense.

I have to imagine Manny’s teammates were just sick of going to battle while he took time off.  The resentment is gone (or will go) and they can now focus on playing good baseball and know that Bay will be one of them.  Add to it that Bay is no slouch and happens to be a left fielder to boot.

Friday night is Bay’s potential debut.

As for the deal itself, it looks like this based on reports:  Manny to LA (sorry Joe Torre), Jason Bay to Boston and 4 prospects to Pittsburgh.  Of those 4, two are from Boston’s system, Craig Hansen and Brandon Moss.  I’ll miss Moss a bit as he seemed to play the game the right way and showed signs of being a Major Leaguer.  Hansen’s act had grown thin and it is probably good for him to get a fresh start.