Cashman Strikes Again

Someone has to explain to me how Cashman pulled this one off.  I mean seriously, getting anything for Hawkins is amazing and I feel sorry for the Astros’ fans out there because I have no idea what your GM is doing.

The prospect isn’t a great prospect, he ranked 29th in the Houston system (which was rated the worst in baseball) but there are doubts that he can do anything more than hit.  Hey, it doesn’t matter, this was truly something for nothing.

I would like to point out one last thing about Cashman and the Yankees.  They seem to have a fairly unique ability to make trades without anyone knowing about them ahead of time.  Think of the countless rumors you have read the past week or so and did you see any about Nady, Marte or Pudge before the trades happened?  I don’t know how they do it, but it is worth remembering.  Who knows what will happen tomorrow.