Keep An Eye On Charleston Tonight

Tonight will be a big night for the Yankees off the field.  Phil Hughes is taking the mound for Charleston and Chien-Ming Wang is getting his boot off.  Hughes will throw about 35 pitches in the first step towards rehab.  Assuming it goes well, he should start again next week and you could probably expect him to be back in the majors around the end of August. 

Wang will take longer, he will be on crutches until next week and then start throwing.  I wouldn’t expect him on any mound until mid-August and then it is a matter of getting back into game shape.  

I don’t think the Yankees feel a lot of pressure to deal for Washburn because they can always claim him on waivers and I don’t think many other teams would risk assuming his salary.  Remember, he would be offered to every AL team first in reverse order of the standings, so if things stay as they are, the Yankees get a shot at him before Boston. 

If Hughes shows them something tonight, it will lessen the need for a trade.  And, remember Ian Kennedy is pitching much better at AAA.  At some point the Yankees will give him another chance in the bigs, it could be very soon if Ponson bombs again.