Tejada Talk

ESPN Deportes is reporting that the Red Sox are interested in Miguel Tejada.  Giving credit where credit is due, I got this from MLBTradeRumors.

Tejada in Boston, eh?  Interesting.  Would the Red Sox trade for Tejada to play baseball or act as a Manny Ramirez babysitter?

ESPN’s Peter Gammons tore Manny apart today in his blog.  Gammons points out that Manny has decided he was hurt when it came time to face some of the toughest pitchers in baseball in 2008:

Felix Hernandez – twice

Joba Chamberlain – twice

Edison Volquez – once

Justin Verlander – once

In addition, he says Manny leaves David Ortiz to "face the heat" for him.

I guess my cynical side says this trade idea is an insurance policy.  Bring in Tejada to make sure the Red Sox don’t "lose" Manny.  Well, I don’t like it.  Tejada would cost Boston $4m this year and $13mm in 2009.  All for a player who is 2 years older than we thought and not hitting like a $13mm a year player.  His current .738 OPS is his lowest since his 2nd year in the Majors.

Manny is forcing an enhanced risk management program.

Also, can you seriously argue that Tejada is that much better than Jed Lowrie (.732 OPS) or Julio Lugo (.683 OPS).  I would say his glove would be an improvement for sure (especially over Lugo), but not much else at an enormous expense (especially in 2009).  With Tejada being mentioned heavily in the Mitchell report, that’s just makes this rumor upsetting.

It’s too bad the Red Sox have to worry if Manny will tank it the rest of the way instead of just having to focus on getting that player or players to make a deep run in the playoffs.