Manny Being a Jerk

Sean McAdam of the Providence Journal reports today that Manny Ramirez and Red Sox traveling Secretary got into a physical confrontation Saturday.

According to McAdam, Manny asked McCormick for 16 tickets (normal allotment is 2) for Saturday’s game, "an unusually high number for day-of-game."  When McCormick told him it might be tough to get that many, Manny yelled at him to "just do your job."  This escalated into an argument at which time Manny pushed the 60+ year (need to confirm age) old McCormick to the ground.

A completely logical move.  When I don’t get what I want, I tee someone up.

I don’t anticipate getting more details on the incident itself as the Red Sox, Manny and McCormick are all treating it as old news.  So I’m going to comment based on what has been reported.

What McAdams is reporting is stunning.  In what other career (perhaps save a boxer/MMA type) could you get away with shoving a co-worker to the ground?  If I stood up right now and shoved someone I work with down, I’d be gone so fast, not to mention with a police escort.

This is another example if a high paid player getting away with something just because the pain of losing his talent is apparently greater than holding him accountable and doing the right thing.

Manny has now assaulted 2 co-workers in 2008 the first being Kevin Youkilis.  I don’t care what Youkilis said, Manny took it to another level by becoming physical.  This item is now almost 2 days old, but really hasn’t made the rounds yet.  I think when more media outlets start reporting on it, we might learn of new/additional sanctions on Manny because as of right now, there weren’t any except for an apology.

Manny, quit being a jerk.