Hall Bound?

With the announcement that Curt Schilling is done for the year and possibly his career (although his recent surgery went well and it is being said he can start throwing in October), the question of whether he is or is not Hall worth has come up.  While it’s not certain he is done and it is probably disrespectful to assume he is, let’s do just that and assume he’s pitched his last pitch for sake of this argument.

If ever there was a borderline candidate, Schilling is it.  His main negative is that he has only 216 wins.  Aside from that, Schilling compares nicely to other Hall of Famers.  He is 14th all time in strikeouts and 9th all time in K/9.  Baseball Reference has his HOF monitoring tools looking like he is at least an average HOF member.

At the end of the day though, what drives his candidacy more than anything is his post-season record.

19 Games, 19 GS, 11-2, 2.23 ERA, 0.97 WHIP, 133.1 IP, 104 H, 24 BB, 120 K

When it mattered most, Schilling dominated, but just what does 133.1 IP mean to a player’s over contribution to the game?  Well those 133.1 IP were far more important than any of the innings he pitched in regular season games.  I don’t know of any way to rate him against his peers in post-season performance, but I’d be willing to guess he fairs nicely.

To look at only wins is crazy, especially since much of what drives a pitcher’s win/loss record is the offense behind him.  The same goes for a batter.  Tony Gwynn’s teams made the playoffs only 3 times in his 20 year career.  Was that all his fault?  No, at least not entirely.

My vote, if I had one, would be yes.  What’s your vote?

Of more immediate concern is the condition of the Red Sox rotation with Schilling done for the year.  Bartolo is down with, presumably, a pulled love handle.  Daisuke is back.  What is most amazing about this rotation now is that Jon Lester and Justin Masterson are pitching like the 1-2 with Josh Beckett just behind them.  Even Tim Wakefield is keeping them in games for the most part (although his walk rate is crazy high…as is Daisuke’s).

So despite not having Schilling and missing Colon, the Red Sox seem to be in good shape.  But once again, the axiom that you can never have enough starting pitching is proving true and more and more pitching is being made available on the trade market with C.C. Sabathia and now Erik Bedard on the block.

As for the Red Sox offense, it is actually scoring more runs per game since David Ortiz’s injury than prior (courtesy of ESPN) and that can mostly be attributed to J.D. Drew.  Yes, I said J.D. Drew.  ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick has a good look at Drew and perhaps why he is hitting the cover off the ball.

Of course if Ortiz doesn’t bounce back, there are rumors about an offensive replacement as well.  Mark Teixeira and Josh Willingham have been mentioned.

Follow-up to my May 17th post on Micah Owings.  Basically, Owings has pooped the bed offensively.  He’s gone 2-19 (.105/.190/.105) .  Sorry to jinx you Micah and let’s put this to rest, you are not the next Babe Ruth.