Three Conclusions From Tonight

I draw three conclusions from this debacle

1- The Yankees have two very injured outfielders in Matsui and Damon.  How else do you explain pinch hitting Molina?  I mean stop and think about this for a sec, I know Rasner needed to be pulled, but what makes you think he has less of a chance of getting on base than Molina?  I guess we know why Christian was called up and you can only hope that these injuries won’t linger. 

2- Edwar Ramirez is still a one-trick pitcher and that trick isn’t going to cut it on the ML-level.  

3- Rasner now has an ERA of 4.5 which is closer to where his ERA should be.  He obviously overachieved when he first came up and now the law of averages is catching up with him.  The Yankees can hope for better, but I think they would settle for something around a 4.75.   If the bullpen does its job, the Yankees would probably win more of Rasner’s starts than they would lose which is about all you can ask from a fifth starter.  (Paging Ian Kennedy, your career can get back on track now, paging Ian Kennedy)

Other than that, turn the page, turn the page.