George King is reporting that the Yankees are recalling Justin Christian from Scranton for tonight’s game.  Christian had an .815 OPS in Scranton and 18 steals in 21 attempts.  Christian started out at second base before moving to the outfield where he has played all three spots. He is a righty, though at 28, too old to be considered a true prospect.

What he can do is absolutely fly, 191 steals since he started in the minors and he has been rated as the fastest guy in the system a couple of times.  With three lefties scheduled for Pittsburgh, I wonder if the Yankees have noticed that Melky can’t hit lefties and are thinking about a platoon in center?  It would certainly make sense and at the very least, Christian gives them a real speed threat off the bench.

I wonder who is getting sent down to make room?  Could this be the end of the three catchers?  Stay tuned and we will see what happens.