Here’s My Question

Ok, close your eyes.  Actually, don’t do that because you won’t be able to read what I am writing, but just pretend for a minute.  Imagine it is March and I tell you the following things about the Yankees season 1/3 of the way through.

1- Mike Mussina leads the pitching staff in wins

2- Jason Giambi leads the offense in home runs

3- Jorge Posada has played in 18 games

4- Robinson Cano is hitting .219

5- HUghes and Kennedy (who are both injured) have combined for 14 starts and 0 wins with an ERA over 8.

Be honest, if I told you all of that in March, what would you think the team’s record would be right now?  I probably would have guessed they were ten-games under .500 in that scenario and therefore, I take 27-27 as a good sign.  Sure, they have played flat, made mistakes, had horrible stretches of hitting and pitching, but they are .500 and right in the thick of things.  As an added bonus, teams like Cleveland and Detroit have struggled badly meaning the path to the wild card (not that I am thinking about that right now) is more open than in year’s past.

The question of course is where do they go from here?  Rasner has stepped in to fill one of the rotation holes and now we will see if Joba can do the same.  Posada could be back on Tuesday and the offense looks a lot better since A-Rod returned.  The bullpen is going to be a problem if Girardi keeps trying to force Farnsworth into the 8th innning, but Ramirez has looked great and there are options in the minors that could be called up soon.  

Call me an optimist, but 27-27 considering everything is ok by me- 108 games to go.