Tuesday For Joba

It’s official, Joba is pitching Tuesday in the rotation and will be in it for the remainder of the year.  Per ESPN, Joba will be limited to 65-70 pitches in his start and Peter Abraham adds that Joba will be increased to 75-80 from there and then 85-90.  I haven’t found anything on it, but I can’t imagine he will be allowed to go very far beyond 100 in the immediate future.

The question is, how will they keep him under 140 innings?  Ultimately, Joba is going to be a six-inning pitcher.  If you figure 20 starts left in the season and the fact that he is right around 24 innings, he has 116 to go or around 5-2/3rs a start.  That could put some strain on the pen, but the Yankees have to get Joba up to 140 this season because 2009’s rotation could be severly challenged innings-wise.

Figure Hughes will not throw more than the 110 he pitched last year and Kennedy probably will be lucky to get to 160 this year.  With Mussina gone and Pettitte probably gone, the Yankees will have some rotation problems heading into 2009 if they are going to rely on the kids.  But, that is a worry for another day, for now we can just focus on Joba starting Tuesday.  It should be fun to watch.