Wasted Spots

Ok, I know everyone wants to chuck Hawkins off the roster right now, and I can’t disagree, but that is only one of the wasted sports on the Yankees’ roster right now. 

Start off with Duncan and Ensberg.  When Wilson Betemit gets the call over them with a lefty on the mound, you have a problem.  Not that you can blame Girardi for trying something different last night, the two aren’t hitting, but why keep them on the team?  I think you will see some moves with the two of them soon.  Jason Lane has an opt-out in his contract if he doesn’t make the big leagues by Saturday and he has 10 HR’s at Scranton. Also, the club just signed Ben Broussard and assigned him to Scranton.  Furthermore, the Yankees chose to send Alberto Gonzalez to the minors when they activated Betemit from the DL and I think they may change their minds and bring him back as well. 

Russ Ohlendorf mystifies me.  He has a great sinker, but he can’t seem to make it work.  To be fair, the Yankees keep changing his role and that hasn’t helped, but he needs to be replaced on the roster by a true long reliever.  Jeff Karstens has made two rehab starts in Scranton and he has gotten shelled, but I would expect to see him called up as soon as he straightens things out, possibly earlier if the Yankees decide to not fill Kennedy’s rotation spot with Joba.  

I led this post with Hawkins and I think it is time for the Yankees to cut their losses.  He was a worthy gamble and the Yankees essentially picked up a draft pick by "swapping" him for Vizcaino.  But, whether it was "numbergate" or some other reason, he simply hasn’t worked out.  The Yankees should eat the contract and get him out of here, Chris Britton would be a better choice.  I have no idea what the bullpen will look like in August, but I would guess it will be very different.  Cox and Melancon could certainly be a part of it and Bruney and Albie could be back. 

Lastly, how about bringing up Brett Gardner?  .281/.399/.443 in Scranton with 18 steals.  Melky has followed up his stellar April (.299/.370/.494) with an abysmal May (.195/.241/.268).  He’s still young and keeps showing flashes, but after almost 1200 career AB’s his lifetime #’s are .272/.336/.387.  It wouldn’t hurt to give Gardner a try and see what he can do.