Feel Better?

Well, that was a pretty good weekend, wasn’t it?  And, it is worth comparing that last year’s team was 21-29 after 50 games, 14.5 back of Boston.  Now they are 25-25 and 5-games back of TAMPA?  Ok, no disrespect to the Rays, but let’s view this as 4.5 games behind the Red Sox. 

So, they are back to square one and not that far behind Boston, that has to be an equal or a better situation than last year, right?  Well, that answer is not so easy to determine.  On the morning of May 30, 2007, the Yankees had scored 258 runs, allowed 239 and had guys like Chase Wright and Tyler Clippard as part of their rotation.  As of now the Yankees have scored 222 runs while allowing 223 with guys like Morgan Ensberg and Jose Molina as part fo their regular lineup for a significant part of the season.  I think most of us would assume that the lineup will perform better, especially with the return of A-Rod and the upcoming return of Posada, but what do you make of the pitching? 

It is only 16-runs better than last year and when you think about the guys the Yankees were using then, that isn’t encouraging.  But, if you are an optimist, you will assume that Hughes and Kennedy have to pitch better (right?) and Joba, who was merely a name this time last year, will stabilize the starting rotation. 

Maybe we should just be happy that instead of a 36-15 start in 2007, the Red Sox have "only" come out of the gate at 31-22.  I suspect there is better baseball to be played in Boston, but I also think that holds true in the Bronx.  After 50 games, it’s an early, but not insurmountable lead for Boston, and that is a nice change from 2007.