No-Hitter Redux

Words cannot describe (especially my words) what Jon Lester has been through and what he has achieved.  From battling cancer, to winning the deciding game in the 2007 World Series and tonight throwing a no-hitter.

Good work Jon.

I’m sure Terry Francona was hoping and praying that Lester finished up his accomplishment quickly in the 9th as he wound up throwing a career high 130 pitches.  I would not have been surprised to see Francona, at Theo Epstein’s orders, come out at any point in the 9th telling Lester his night was over, no-hitter or not.

With Clay Buchholz throwing one last year, Lester this year, Derek Lowe in 2002 and Hideo Nomo in 2001, no-hitters are back in vogue in Boston.

Some facts:

 – Jason Varitek has caught the most hitters in baseball history with 4 (see above).

 – Jon Lester is the first Red Sox left to throw a no-no since Mel Parnell July 14th 1956.

 – Red Sox reliever Chris Smith was warming up in the bullpen and with a high likelihood of being returned to Pawtucket after tonight’s game, he was probably the only one in Fenway Park, other than the Royals, wishing against a no-hitter.  Instead, he will be sent packing to AAA still never having appeared in an MLB game.  In time Chris, in time.

 – Lester’s was the 18th Red Sox no-hitter.