Hello Scranton?

I am going to guess that right now (Sunday 10:45pm) the Yankees are making a call to Scranton for someone to ocme up and bolster the bullpen tomorrow night.  The Yankees are going to need at least six innings from their bullpen tonight and with Kennedy on the mound tomorrow, they have to be prepared to bring in a long guy again.  I would guess Ohlendorf gets sent down, simply because he pitched tonight.  Should be interesting to see how Girardi handles 6-8 tonight, I bet we see Traber and Farnsworth combine to cover them unless the Yankees draw closer. 


The Red Sox and Yankees are battling in the bottom of the 3rd as I write this…and it’s 9:45pm EST…in a game that started at 8:05pm EST.

At this rate, 10% of the original viewers will be asleep, or deceased (natural causes).

I love this rivalry, obviously, but the one drawback is that both teams know how to draw a walk and apparently both teams know how to give up a walk.

That is all.

This Has Gotten Really Silly

The NY Post is reporting that the Red Sox jersey buried at the new Yankee Stadium has been dug up.  Two construction workers spent five hours yesterday jackhammering a part of the concourse and found the jersey (that’s $880 worth of labor) with an excavation ceremony to be held today.

The Post did the guy who buried it no favors by publishing his name.  Apparently, he also has mob ties, so maybe that will keep him from getting the "s— kicked out of him" like Hank Steinbrenner wished for.  For his part, the guy who buried the shirt wants to fight Hank in person and challenged Hank to meet him and bring Posada too because he hates Posada.  

Now it is time for someone to make a positive out of this story and auction the jersey off for charity.   

UPDATE: The shirt is on its way to the Jimmy Fund and they will auction it off.   

Moose Wanted Him, Joe Let It Happen

Judging from the wire reports tonight (take your pick of any paper/blog) Mike Mussina wanted to pitch to Manny Ramirez because he didn’t want to face Youkilis with the bases loaded.  Joe Girardi went along with that thinking and the rest is history. 

Now I have two questions after reading that.  First, why does Mussina get the choice?  He isn’t the manager and Girardi needs to have the stones to stand up to a veteran in that situation.  Second, even if you agree with Mussina’s thinking, why would you have him pitch to Manny in that situation?  Mussina did just enough to avoid getting killed in this game and after striking out Ortiz it certainly appeared that he had used up his luck.  If I am Girardi, I am pulling Mussina no matter what and I might have used Traber against Ortiz.  

I don’t want to beat up Joe too much for this call.  I think we can all agree it was the wrong one.  What I want to see is where he takes things from here.  Will he be less likely to defer to the veteran next time?  That’s what I want to know.

Fox Heidied Us!!!

I can’t believe Fox just left Yankees-Red Sox with two outs in the ninth of a 4-3 game to show us NASCAR.  It’s great to see how much the "national pastime" means to FOX.  And, I don’t care that they switched it to FX, by the time I switched I missed the last pitch. 

It’s not quite the Heidi Game because the Yankees lost anyway, but wow. 

Help Me Out

As we await the end of the rain (soon) and I watch the Masters, can anyone justify the decision to pitch to Manny in the sixth inning with first open?  Considering that Manny had already homered off of Mussina and he hit .392/.475/.686 against Yankees’ pitching last season it seems pretty stupid.  Anyone got a good reason for it?




To me the most upsetting thing in this story is that the guy who did this was earning $88 an HOUR.  That works out to over 180k a year, no wonder the new Stadium costs so much to build. 

Besides, if there is really going to be a curse on the place it will because they broke ground on August 16, 2006, the 58th anniversary of Babe Ruth’s death.  

A Big Test

I think today is a very big start for Mike Mussina.  Let’s face it, we all have our doubts about him and watching him face the Red Sox should give us a good idea of where he is going this year.  I am not expecting him to turn in an effort like Wang, but I want to see if he can pitch six innings, three runs allowed.  To me, that would be a big positive and make me feel pretty good about his future prospects. 

We shall see this afternoon, back after the game. 

I’ll Take Him

Stats people always knock Wang because he doesn’t stirke anyone out.  I am not going to debate the math behind their argument, but maybe they should admit that they aren’t always right? 

Consider tonight’s game where Wang "only" struck out three guys, but is there anyone who watched the game who didn’t think he was in complete control?  No, this was vintage Wang and if Bobby Abreu wasn’t afraid of walls he would have pitched a shutout.  Wang may not get the respect of a top pitcher, but I will gladly have him in my rotation any day. 

A Strange Lineup To Say The Least

Molina is hitting sixth, ahead of Cano.  Matsui is playing right.  Take a look

Damon- LF

Cabrera- CF

A-Rod- 3B







I am all for Posada getting in the lineup and I know he struggles against lefties, but Abreu is one of the few guys hitting right now.  Personally, I would have gone for this:

Cabrera- CF






Giambi- 1B 



Hey, I give Girardi credit for trying to shake things up, the hitting has been awful.