Comings And Goings

Just another night in Yankeeland as Chad Moeller is back, Stewart is sent to AAA, Sean Henn has been DFA’ed and Phil Hughes is on the DL.  Oh yes, Chris Britton was recalled in place of A-Rod.

The Yankees could have put Bruney or Cervelli on the 60-day DL to make room for Moeller, so I have no clue why they simply DFA’ed Henn.  Then again, Henn isn’t exactly the second coming of Sandy Koufax. Still it seems odd to give up on a 27 year-old lefty when you don’t have any in the big league pen. 

Hughes on the DL is simply bizarre.  The Yankees are obviously making up an injury here, but what is the point?  (And I say that because Joe Girardi said he was healthy before tonight’s game) Why pretend he is hurt when everyone knows what is going on?  You can send him to Tampa on a rehab assignment, but why wouldn’t you simply demote him and let him try at AAA?  Now he can’t appear in any games which makes no sense to me.  

And, the Yankees now have to make a move to replace Hughes spot on the roster.  Just to review, Mo, Farnsworth, Hawkins, Ohlendorf, Albie, Britton, Ramirez and Joba make up the bullpen with four starters in the rotation.  Do the Yankees promote a batter the next few days in place of Hughes (and Betemit is apparently unable to go) or do they just recall Rasner at this point to pitch Sunday?  Talk about needing a scorecard to identify the players!

And, please let me know if you see the Yankees’ offense.  It is missing and presumed to be dangerous, but hasn’t proved to be yet.