You Take It

Yes, 14-13 doesn’t sound that great after 1/6th of the season, but when you consider that the Yankees have played 18-of-20 on the road it isn’t that bad.  Throw in the fact that it is good enough for one-game out of first and you have to be happy with things so far. 

Let’s recap some of the challenges so far.  Jeter was lost for a week, same with Joba.  Hughes and Kennedy have been awful and the Yankees have lost Bruney for the year and Posada for an uncertain amount of time.  Robinson Cano is hitting .153 and Jason Giambi is hitting .167.  Derek Jeter has an OPS of .660.

On the plus side, Wang is 5-0 and striking guys out at a higher rate than usual.  Melky has five HR"s and Matsui is off to a great start.  Joba and Mo have given the Yankees a devestating 1-2 punch at the back of the bullpen.  

14-13, two weeks away from the 1/4 poll.  Not a bad start all things considered, but Kennedy and Hughes are going to have to step up if the Yankees are going to have any chance of moving past .500.