It Keeps Getting Worse

The Yankees announced after the game that A-Rod is headed to the DL with a grade 2 quad strain, no word yet on a callup, but Wilson Betemit could be activated if he is healthy.  Beyond that it is hard to guess what way the Yankees would go.  Juan Miranda is the only healthy position player on the 40-man roster who isn’t already in the majors. 

Without A-Rod and Posada, the Yankees are missing two huge parts of the offense.  Apart from hoping that Cano’s homer tonight will wake him up the Yankees don’t have a lot of options.  I would activate Betemit and let him loose against righty pitching.  Matsui in the lineup every night is a must.  Giambi and Duncan can split first with whoever is hitting getting the nod. 

My bigger question is what is going on with the Yankees’ doctors?  Both Posada and A-Rod came back from injuries too soon and were then forced to the DL.  Last year Marty Miller walked the plank for the injuries the team suffered in April, is someone going to pay the price in 2008?