Who Is Chris Stewart?

Connect the dots back to Scranton with the Posada injury and you would guess that Chris Stewart will soon be on his way to the Yankees.  Who is the guy and what do we know about him?

Stewart was originally a 12th-round draft choice of the White Sox and he just turned 26.  He bats and throws righty and was once considered the top defensive catcher in the White Sox organization.  Baseball America liked his "quick release".  Stewart had cups of coffee the past two seasons with Chicago and Texas, hitting .200 in 45 plate appearances.  

Baseball Prospectus has Stewart projected to actually out-hit Molina by a bit (.237/.287/.370), with both providing above-average defense.  But here’s the interesting thing, because he is only 26, Stewart has a much higher upside and if he hits at the top of their projections, they have him at .277/.332/.463.  For the Yankees, anything approaching the league average at catcher .274/.332/.408 from Molina and Stewart will be a bonus.  For now they will have to hope that both continue to play stellar defense and the other eight guys in the lineup get the offense going.