It sounds like the one guy the Yankees cannot afford to lose is headed to the DL. 

As Jimmy wisely said in the commments of another post, "that decision to DFA Moeller doesn’t look so smart now".  And that is what has me scratching my head in this story.  How do you explain the fact that the Yankees knew Posada had a tear in his shoulder yet didn’t send him to Dr. Andrews sooner and DFA’ed Moeller?   It seems to me like the Yankees totally blew it here.  Posada is way too valuable to take chances with, but the Yankees did exactly that. 

Now, what are they going to do?  Molina should be able to catch every day, but he won’t hit.  Currently, there is no one to backup Molina and Moeller was only DFA’ed on Friday which I believe means he would not be available to be brought back until at May 5th.  So, the Yankees are going to need another catcher for at least a week and that assumes Moeller makes it through waivers.  

Plus, the team simply isn’t hitting.  Ok, I am depressed now, I will be back after the game.   

UPDATE: Posada said on the postgame "I am going on the DL".  Interestingly, his manager wasn’t sure.  According to Jorge, there has been no evidence of a tear in any of his MRI’s, so that’s a positive I guess but he is going to visit Dr. Andrews.

Gotta love Jorge, he apologized to the Yankees because he signed a big deal in the offseason and now he is hurt he called it "the biggest dissapointment of his career".   

Wang pitched a beaut today on a day the Yankees sorely needed one.