The Roster Is Set

The Yankees made their cuts tonight and they chose to put Andy Pettitte on the DL to start the season which makes a lot of sense. 

The bench is not a surprise, Betemit, Duncan, Ensberg and Molina, but with 12 pitchers making the team the Yankees took a bit of a different route.  Instead of going with the long guy, they went with extra righty relievers.  Billy Traber made it as the lefty, but so did Bruney, Ohlendorf and Albie.  You know that one of the final three will be sent down Saturday to make room for Pettite, but based on Girardi repeating his earlier preference for a long reliever tonight it could be two of them.  In effect, the Yankees have extended Spring Training by a week and those three will be fighting to keep their big league positions.

As for the roster, there are a couple of problems I have with it.  First, who is the guy playing first in a tight game?  I am going to guess that Betemit or Ensberg fill that role, but I don’t know if that is much of an upgrade.  And, while we are at it, is the plan really to put Giambi at first for 100+ games?  If so, expect that plan to fail badly in 2008.

And, while Traber has nice numbers, he is the second coming of Mike Myers.  I would love to see the Yankees carry 11 pitchers and just let someone else loose on the lefties.  But, Traber is the guy for now, just don’t expect it to stick if he continues his career patterns against lefties and righties.  

But, that’s where we are and the Yankees will spend the first four weeks of the season playing 27 games with 18 of them on the road, not the best recipie to a quick start.