Still Some Work To Do

Well, the Yankees have two games with Florida before heading on the plane to New York.  Yet, less than 48 hours from that plane flight, we still don’t know the final roster. 

We now know that Jeff Karstens isn’t going to make the team because he is headed to the DL.  Kei Igawa showed that he still can grab the big moment and bombed yesterday.  That would seem to have cleared the field for Rasner to become the long guy in the pen, but nine walks in 14 innings doesn’t exactly fill you with confidence.  Bruney and Ohlendorf are both pitching well, but you can only take one of them if you take Rasner (and I am assuming Traber makes it).

Further complicating things is that the Yankees could put Andy Pettitte on the DL to start the season, but backdate the move so he could pitch April 5th.  Since he is scheduled to start Sunday against Scranton anyway, the earliest he could pitch in the bigs would be April 4th.  The Yankees could just move everyone up a spot in the rotation and pitch Kennedy on the 4th with Pettitte filling in on the 5th.  That would allow them another player to start the season.  

And, don’t forget that we still are unsure when Mekly and Duncan will have their suspension hearings, though perhaps the Yankees will have one of them drop the appeal and serve the suspension if Pettitte does go on the DL.  

Stay tuned, it’s only about 72 hours until Opening Day!