An Interesting Decision

The Yankees announced tonight that they have added Morgan Ensberg to the 40-man roster.  (In a shocking sidenote, Carl Pavano was placed on the 60-man DL to make room for Ensberg)

This essentially means that Ensberg is on the team and while I think that is a good thing, it makes me curious about the final roster.

We have learned the rotation (Wang, Pettitte, Mussina, Hughes, Kennedy) and part of the bullpen (Rivera, joba, Farnsworth and Hawkins)  We also know that 13 hitters are going to make the team (Posada, Molina, Giambi, Duncan, Cano, Jeter, A-Rod, Ensberg, Damon, Cabrera, Abreu, Matsui and I am going to add Betemit)

That would leave three spots open and you would assume that at least two of them are going to pitchers, with three certainly a storng possibilty.  If you pencil in a Traber and Karstens as spots 10 and 11 in the bullpen, do you assume the Yankees are going to go with someone like Ohlendorf or does Ransom or Lane make the team on offense?  The depth is pretty good with a bench of Betemit, Molina, Ensberg and Duncan (assume Giambi at first)  so going with 12 pitchers wouldn’t be as damaging as usual.

But, it will be a very interesting week to see how things play out, three spots left.