Take My Wife- Please

Some notes from the hearings, I will add on as something interesting happens.

I am reminded of the old Henny Youngman act while watching the steroid hearing today.  Youngman used to go on stage and tell jokes with his wife as the punch line and then implore the audience to take her off his hands.  I get the feeling Roger Clemens is familiar with Youngman’s work.

Debbie used the HGH seems to be the crux of Clemens’ defense.  The three times he denied ever talking about HGH with McNamee in his sworn deposition went out the window when he admitted talking to McNamee about HGH, but only in the context of Debbie’s usage.  

Roger has also expressed "shock" at learning that Andy Pettitte used HGH.  And, when confronted with Pettitte’s asssertion that he discussed HGH with Clemens, Roger claimed that Andy must have "misunderstood" him and any discussion they had would have been about Debbie.  Of course, Pettitte recalls the conversations occuring in 1999 and Debbie supposedly didn’t use HGH until 2002.

Dan Burton is clearly hoping to head up Clemens’ fan club when he retires from Congress because he keeps hammering McNamee for lying.  He’s right, McNamee did lie, but McNamee’s lies were about not telling the whole truth to investigators from the start. McNamee said he did this because he was trying to protect his clients, you be the judge.

Is there anything more appetizing that hearing about "a palpable mass on Mr. Clemens’ buttocks"? McNamee claims that this was from McNamee not correctly injecting Winstrol (kids don’t click this) while Clemens claims it was from a bad B12 shot.  Dr’s differ in opinion on this issue and Clemens’ attorney tried to address it but was not allowed to speak. 

But, the Blue Jays’ trainer and Dr. don’t seem to recall this injury. 

Good question from Davis, "Mr. McNamee as a former policeofficer why did you inject professional athletes with substances you knew to be illegal?" 

And now we know who the third guy at the table is, Charles Scheeler, the guy who oversaw the evidence gathering of the Mitchell Report.   

McNamee claims that he never injected Clemens with B12 and that he only heard of the B12 injections when Clemens mentioned it on "60 Minutes"

Just asking, but what do you think the over’under on the number of reporters in Tampa tomorrow is when pitchers and catchers report tomorrow?   

Congresswoman Maloney sucked up to Clemens praising him for his work with children, but did ask why he was inconsistent in his answers as to why he didn’t talk to Senator Mitchell before the report came out. And Roger blames his agents for hiding the inquiry from him. 

Props to Congressman Clay who jabbed Palmeiro, Sosa and McGwire for their performances in front of Congress in 2005.  Then he blows it all by saying that a colleague of his wants to know, "what uniform you are going to wear to the Hall of Fame".

Clay went on to hammer McNamee about whether or not he has a deal with prosecutors in exchange for his testimony.  McNamee swore that there was no deal.   

Fascinating exchange near the end of the morning session.  Congressman Waxman asked Clemens why when Congress asked for the contact information of a nanny who worked for him in 1998 it took time for Clemens to provide it (a couple of days) and then Clemens actually met with her before he turned the information over.  Clemens’ lawyers tried to deflect it, but as Waxman said, "it looked terrible".