This Is Interesting

If this is true and Klapisch usually gets it right, the Yankees took a bigger gamble than we thought when they passed on Santana.

After all, it’s one thing to want to keep Phil Hughes and all of his potential in the rotation, it’s another entirely to scuttle a trade for Santana over Ian Kennedy, Melky Cabrera and a prospect. Kennedy had a great cup of coffee in the majors last year, but he is not expected to become an ace. Melky, well I like Melky, but I am not convinced he is going to hit enough to be a good player.

I would guess they ultimately passed on the deal because it is almost February and finding someone to play center instead of Damon at this point would be very, very hard. Pulling the trigger on that deal would have left them with a great rotation (Santana, Wang, Pettitte, Hughes, Joba) but forced them to put Damon in center, Matsui in left and Giambi at DH everyday. That is a huge risk to take considering their ages and injury history.

The problem of course is that Hankenstein won’t look at it that way. If Santana is dominating for the Mets and Kennedy has washed out of the majors you can bet Brian Cashman will hear about it. That is the bet Brian made yesterday, let’s hope he is right.