This Is A Real Rivalry

So yes, Andy just happens to be a Patriots fan and I happen to be a Giants fan, but I’m sorry if I just don’t get the comparisons of that “rivalry” with the Yankees-Red Sox. Sure, Boston-New York is a good storyline, but the Giants and Patriots have played a total of eight times in 47 years. And, under the current NFL schedule, they will not play again until 2011 (unless it’s the Super Bowl)

So, while we are going to be bombarded with countless comparisons (I have already heard the Patriots compared to the 1998 Yankees and the Giants compared to the 2004 Red Sox) and hype, it only reinforces in my mind how special Yankees-Red Sox is. 19 times a year in the regular season, three times in the last nine seasons in the playoffs and for almost 100 years these two teams have been going at it. You simply can’t beat that.

I guess the best thing about this game from both sides is that the papers will be dominated with football stories and we won’t have to suffer through another round of Santana to “x” for a couple of weeks!